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Networks What is a home network?
A network is simply the connection of PCs. By connecting PCs together you can begin to share services between them.

Have you recently bought a new PC? If you did it is likely that you wondered what to do with the old one. Perhaps you put it in a child's bedroom so they could do their homework or play games? But now they want to use the internet and that means using your PC downstairs. Wouldn't it be good if they had access too? And what if they need to print their homework? With a network there's no need to buy another printer; they can use yours.

With an iHowley network you can solve these problems simply and easily. iHowley offers a comprehensive range of networking services for the home user.

Broadband - ADSL Installations

Now that broadband is a reality, sharing a connection is a great way to make the best use of it. We can help with installation of ADSL or complete network solutions using routers and firewalls.

Home Networking

We can provide home networking solutions to accommodate any home. From a simple two PC network right up to a structured cabled installation using Cat5e Ethernet cable running at 10/100 Mbit speeds. We can provide router and firewall solutions.

Wireless Networks

Networks often bring associations of masses of cables. Not anymore. At iHowley we can supply the latest wireless networks, giving you all the benefits of a network, without the tangle of cabling. We have a solid understanding wireless networking standards and can provide and maintain systems to any of the existing standards.

XBox Live

Whether you choose a wired or wireless network we can easily integrate games consoles into the system to realise the full benefits of online gaming.

PC Support

Here at iHowley we can help ensure that you get the most from your PC.


Making sure your PC continues to perform at its best requires regular maintenance. We can help with this work and also offer help and advice on what to do to maintain peak performance.

Virus Removal

We can offer services to help with virus disinfection and advice on future protection.


Is it time for a change? Whether you need extra facilities or fancy a wireless keyboard and mouse we can help.


Ok you have got your PC running nicely at home and you have some software or think you need some software. If you need to do something quickly or professionally or both and need some help we are here to give you assistance.

We can help with any of the Microsoft Office products and others.